Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Cabernet in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO-HOO, what a ride!!"

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year




Angela and I want to wish everyone a good new year. We have had a good year,we started living in the 5th wheel fulltime in April and have learned so much.

We hope to be on the road this next September and meeting some of you on the road.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Funny










"Count your blessings by smiles, not tears, Count your age by friends, not years."

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas


This is a view out the window of the 5th wheel where we are staying.



This reminded us of Max…


Angela and I are doing fine and hoping this is the last winter we have to spend where there is cold and snow.

We also want to wish everyone a:


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Funny


A glass of wine

To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine
And those who don't and are always
Seen with a bottle of water in their hand:
As Ben Franklin said:

In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.
In a number of carefully controlled trials,
Scientists have demonstrated that if we drink
1 liter of water each day,

At the end of the year we would have absorbed
More than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) - bacteria
Found in feces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop annually.

We do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer
(or rum, whiskey or other liquor)
Because alcohol has to go through a purification process

boiling, filtering and fermenting.
Water = Poop,
Wine = Health

Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid,
Than to drink water and be full of Shit

There is no need to thank me for this valuable information:
I'm doing it as a public service


Life is short! Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, & never regret anything that made you smile!
The happiest people don't have the best of everything...
They just make the best of everything they have

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Reflections

This came from the blog of the senior pastor at the church I work for. I thought it was interesting.
Sandy Hook Elementary School Reflections

Yesterday when I became aware of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School I wanted to share a pastoral response. I wanted to tell you everything will be alright. I wanted to give you words of encouragement. But that all seems to miss the mark. I've waited 24 hours to share a couple of thoughts with you. I kept waking up in the night thinking about these things. So here is my pastoral reflection for you. First I would remind you that the purpose of life is NOT to arrive safely at the grave. Our responsibility as parents is not to merely deliver our children to teenage years and then to adulthood. And then safely to the grave. Our responsibility is much greater than that. We have the opportunity to instill courage and compassion in our children. We have the opportunity to instill faith in our children. We are able to help develop our children into a life constructed on faith rather than fear. So I encourage you to resist the natural inclination to hold your children closer than usual and try to protect them from anything that could harm them. I encourage you to take your children with you when you go out today. I encourage you to take your children to Sunday School and Church tomorrow. I encourage you to see your children off to school Monday like you would had Sandy Hook not happened. Certainly we are responsible for the safely of our children. Never put your children at unnecessary risk. We know that. But the purpose is building people of faith not delivering people safely to the grave. So live your life fully and faithfully and show your children how to do the same. Secondly I mention the idea Timothy Merrill - editor of Homiletics (a preaching journal I read) - put forward. This is the third weekend in Advent. We will be lighting the Advent Candle of Joy this weekend. He suggested we might want to leave the Joy candle unlit, or perhaps light a "grief" candle. This is not a bad idea. I have given it some thought. But I choose not to follow this suggestion. We have been reading a scripture from Isaiah 9 this month. "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in gteh land of deep darkness a light has dawned." (Isaiah 9:2) Christmas really is about more than tinsel and giving presents to one another. Christmas really is about God coming to our world. The Lord - Jesus Christ - the Light of the World - entered into a dark, sinful world. The Lord brings redemption to us. So rather than leave the Joy Candle dim I choose to light the Joy Candle and remind us again that Jesus has come to our darkness and sin to bring Light. Jesus brings to our darkness and sin Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. We will go on with our Choir cantata this weekend. We will sing and worship the Lord. I encourage you to look to the Light of Christ as we walk through these days of darkness. Remember all those families affected by the events of Sandy Hook. We pray God's Light shine into their (and our) darkness. Steve

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Funny 12/12/12



Garage Door
The boss walked into the office one morning not knowing his zipper was down and his fly area wide open. His assistant walked up to him and said, 'This morning when you left your house, did you close your garage door?' The boss told her he knew he'd closed the garage door, and walked into his office puzzled by the question..
As he finished his paperwork, he suddenly noticed his fly was open, and zipped it up... He then understood his assistant's question about his 'garage door...'
He headed out for a cup of coffee and paused by her desk to ask, 'When my garage door was open, did you see my Hummer parked in there?'
She smiled and said, 'No, I didn't. All I saw was an old mini van with two flat tires..

An elderly gentleman.....

Had serious hearing problems for a number of years. He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%

The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, 'Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.'

The gentleman replied, 'Oh, I haven't told my family yet.

I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will three times!'

Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center were sitting on a bench under a tree when one turns to the other and says: 'Slim, I'm 83 years old now and I'm just full of aches and pains. I know you're about my age. How do you feel?'

Slim says, 'I feel just like a newborn baby.'

'Really!? Like a newborn baby!?'

'Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my pants.'

An elderly couple had dinner at another couple's house, and after eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen.

The two gentlemen were talking, and one said, 'Last night we went out to a new restaurant and it was really great.. I would recommend it very highly.'

The other man said, 'What is the name of the restaurant?'

The first man thought and thought and finally said, 'What is the name of that flower you give to someone you love?

You know.... The one that's red and has thorns.'

'Do you mean a rose?'

'Yes, that's the one,' replied the man. He then turned towards the kitchen and yelled, 'Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?'

Hospital regulations require a wheel chair for patients being discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet, who insisted he didn't need my help to leave the hospital.

After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator.

On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him.

'I don't know,' he said. 'She's still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown.'

Couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things. During a checkup, the doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might want to start writing things down to help them remember .

Later that night, while watching TV, the old man gets up from his chair. 'Want anything while I'm in the kitchen?' he asks.

'Will you get me a bowl of ice cream?'


'Don't you think you should write it down so you can remember it?' she asks.

'No, I can remember it.'

'Well, I'd like some strawberries on top, too. Maybe you should write it down, so as not to forget it?'

He says, 'I can remember that. You want a bowl of ice cream with strawberries.'

'I'd also like whipped cream. I'm certain you'll forget that, write it down?' she asks.

Irritated, he says, 'I don't need to write it down, I can remember it! Ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream - I got it, for goodness sake!'

Then he toddles into the kitchen. After about 20 minutes, The old man returns from the kitchen and hands his wife a plate of bacon and eggs... She stares at the plate for a moment.

'Where's my toast ?'

A senior citizen said to his eighty-year old buddy:

'So I hear you're getting married?'


'Do I know her?'


'This woman, is she good looking?'

'Not really.'

'Is she a good cook?'

'Naw, she can't cook too well.'

'Does she have lots of money?'

'Nope! Poor as a church mouse.'

'Well, then, is she good in bed?'

'I don't know.'

'Why in the world do you want to marry her then?'

'Because she can still drive!'

A man was telling his neighbor, 'I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art.. It's perfect.'

'Really,' answered the neighbor . 'What kind is it?'

'Twelve thirty..'

Morris, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical.

A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous young woman on his arm.

A couple of days later, the doctor spoke to Morris and said, 'You're really doing great, aren't you?'

Morris replied, 'Just doing what you said, Doc: 'Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.''

The doctor said, 'I didn't say that.. I said, 'You've got a heart murmur; be careful.'

One more. . ..!

A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool.. After catching his breath, he ordered a banana split.

The waitress asked kindly, 'Crushed nuts?'

'No,' he replied, 'Arthritis.'

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Checking In


Just checking in not much been happing here at the RV park. The weather has been holding pretty good for December we have a cold front heading our way and then it’s going to warm back up.

We did move again a spot became available and it is the best spot in the park. Everybody wants this spot and we were lucky to get it.

It sits on top of a hill with the woods all around.


View from the driver side. Great for walking the dogs.


View from curb side. Nice yard for the dogs and there is a nice space between ours and the neighbor.


Max keeping an eye out for Santa coming. Notice his Christmas tree..


Max’s Christmas tree…


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Funny



Apology Letter To Spouse - PRICELESS!

Hi Sweetheart,
Hi I am sorry about getting into an argument about putting up the Christmas lights. I guess that sometimes I feel like you are pushing me too hard when you want something. I realize that I was wrong and I am apologizing for being such a hard-headed guy. All I want is for you to be happy and be able to enjoy the holiday season. Nothing brightens the Christmas spirit like Christmas lights! I took the time to hang the lights for you today; and now I will be off to the hockey rink.
Again, I am very sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I'll be home later.
Love you..


Her response -

Hi Honey,
Thank you for that heart-felt apology. I don't often get an apology from you, and I truly appreciate it. I, too, felt bad about the argument and wanted to apologize. I realize that I can sometimes be a little pushy. I will try to respect your feelings from now on.Thank you for taking the time to hang the Christmas lights for me. It really means a lot. In the spirit of giving, I washed your truck for you; and now I am off to the mall.

I love you too!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Funny















I anyone wins the $500 MILLION Dollar Lottery tonight please don’t forget me SmileGOOD LUCK!!!!!



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Week



Where did my 4 days off go? We have had great weather in till Friday and it got cold real cold, glad this will be our last winter in cold weather. (plans in Jello)

The plan is next fall is to possibly go work Amazon in  Coffeyville, Kansas and then head for warm weather. 

This year for Thanksgiving we had no plans and thought we would go to Cracker Barrel for the turkey dinner. But then Angela heard the RV park put on a dinner for the ones staying here and their guest they provided the turkey and ham and everyone brought a dish.


The food started piling up on the buffet table and by the time everyone got there the table was full.



Everyone sat waiting for the magic words come and get it …


All the food was so good and I was to busy stuffing food in the hole in my head I didn’t even take a picture of it.


This is the first year Angela didn’t have to cook the dinner and she said she loved not having to do it and all the clean up.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Funny





Is how I heard YOUR day was going....

You had trouble getting out of bed




Had a stiff neck


New diet really doesn't seem to be working out


Pulled a muscle when you tried to exercise




Keep losing things



Got caught in the rain at lunchtime


The lunch you had didn't seem to agree with you



Feel trapped



Guests showed up at dinnertime


Top of that you think you're coming down with
The flu


Finally, you're alone in the house at night when
You think you hear a noise in the basement





For the Day



Every stressful

Situation like a
If you can't eat it or play with
Just pee on it and walk away.





Have a fabulous
FREE Thanksgiving Day!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Funny






The Cow, the Ant and the Old Fart

A cow, an ant and an old fart are debating on who is the greatest of the three of them.

  • The cow said, "I give 20 quarts of milk every day and that's why I am the greatest!"
  • The ant said, "I work day and night, summer and winter, I can carry 52 times my own weight and that's why I am the greatest!"









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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Funny

Never Choke in a Restaurant in the South!


Two hillbillies walk into a restaurant. While having a bite to eat, they talk about their moonshine operation.
Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress. One of the hillbillies looks at her and says,
'Kin ya swallar?'
The woman shakes her head no.
Then he asks, 'Kin ya breathe?'
The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.
The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue.

The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth.

As she begins to breathe again, the Hillbilly walks slowly back to his table.
His partner says, 'Ya know, I'd heerd of that there 'Hind Lick Maneuver' but I ain't niver seed nobody do it!'

If you don't send this to five friends, there will be five fewer people laughing in the world!



Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Goodbye’s


Another good week here at the trailer hood.

We had a week of saying good bye to some new to us good friends as fulltime RV’ers you hear about saying goodbye to the people you meet and it is never easy,but it’s just part of the life style.

We met Glen and Jan six week’s ago. Glen is a retired Army Colonel that is working for a military contractor  at Fort  Leavenworth,KS.

We had a good time visiting with them  having cookouts,camp fires and going out to eat. Last week we all went to the pool hall tavern in town.

Glen and Jan on the right.




Six weeks went by so fast and then it was time to say goodbye Saturday as they headed to Oklahoma to visit family.


We will see them down the road. Colonel thank you for your service..