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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shake Down Trip

Our shake down trip started Wednesday morning.We were loaded up and on the road for our long road trip (20 Miles) to Westin Bend State Park.

My trusty copilot Annie making sure we were going the right way. She was not to sure about riding in a house that was moving.


We got there everything went smooth on the drive,found us a nice spot to park.The camp ground was not very crowed so we had a few to choose from.


Everybody resting after our long travel day.




Camp site all set up.



Our first dinner from the Tioga kitchen.


Everything was relaxing and going pretty good until !!!

The camp ground host came around selling bundles of wood for $4.00 a bundle. I bought two.

The wood looked good and dry. Not 


I think they soak this stuff in some fire proof liquid. If I every build a house I want to use this wood. I used a can of lighter fluid trying to get it to burn and all I got was this.


I had to find something that would burn, my man hood was on the line.


I know WD-40 is like Duct Tape it’s used to fix almost anything. Found my brand new can I bought for the motor home looked on the back to see all the things it would do,but not one word about starting a camp fire. After spraying it on the small flame I see why it was not listed on the can. That stuff is like a flame thrower ,and it worked after a half a can.


My man hood and camping skills were saved by WD-40.


This is the look of     Your my HERO…


This is the look of I’m tired trying to start a fire.


Annie standing guard..

We did have a good shake down trip and everything worked great.



Anonymous said...

What a great idea. You would have thunk! - WD-40! Hope the rest of the trip goes as well.


Dave Dods off to Mexico said...

I had the same firewood problem on my first trip! Your wood bundles look exactly like the ones I bought in California. Is it possible that there is a national distributor of "hard to light" wood?

Sue Malone said...

Looks like your dogs are getting that camping thing down!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Now we know -- WD-40 also starts campfires...thanks for sharing that tip!

Carol K said...

It sounds like the Tioga worked just fine. Too bad your campfire wood didn't cooperate, but you solved the probably. Fun post, Kenny!

Rick said...

If the WD-40 didn't work, then maybe Windex would be next? Pretty amazing. Just shows that to be a good RV'er, ingenuity is a must and you're off to a great start.

Looks like your dogs are sure going to enjoy camping out.

Sue and Doug said...

glad your first trip was a success!..the poochies looked like they were having a good time!!..camping is hard work!..and there is nothing like going home smelling like campfire!!!

Travels with Emma said...

Nice to see you all on the road! Hope getting your fire started is your worst problem ever. :)

Bobbie and Jim said...

Congratulations on a successful maiden journey!!! I'm sure there's many more pleasant trips in your future!

Kevin Read said...

What a nice start to your shakedown trip. Those long drives really get to us, lol. You look right at home behind the wheel and Annie seems to be doing a great job navigating.

Enjoy your time.

Kevin and Ruth

Dennis and Donna said...

Boy, it looks like you had a great shake down...Dennis always carries dry newspapers in our basement to help start fires...and our charcoal chimney...Glad to see you two finally on the road!!

pidge said...

Looks like a great spot. Glad you got the fire going and could enjoy a nice fire. The dogs look so happy out there. Stay cool.