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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Got The Itch

We have had our new to us Tioga almost two months now and have been camping twice.

It has just been to hot to go camping and end up sitting inside the RV with the a/c going.

We are getting a bad case of hitch itch.

It has gotten so bad  being cooped up in the house Angela and I have been getting on each other’s last nerve. This is what happened one day last week when I came home from work.


I have been puttering around the RV fixing things up after all it is 23 years old and we don't want to look like the Clampett’s (Beverly Hillbillies) pulling into a camp ground with three dogs.

I put some new wheel covers on and it made quite a difference on the looks.

Kenny And Angel 003   

Kenny And Angel 004

That’s about it around here for now, hope everyone stay’s cool.

P.S. Watch what you click on in Face Book my lap top is in the shop because I clicked on the wrong thing.



Rick said...

Pretty slick looking wheel covers! When it's hot enough to 'pop corn', it's definitely too hot to go camping.

Dennis and Donna said...

Those wheel covers really bumped up the look!! You're stylin' now!..As for the Hillbilly look..I got that covered when I step out the Hiker door in my "ensemble" for the campfire.

Donna K said...

Great looking wheel covers. The cartoon is corny but funny all the same!! Stay cool and remember it is easier to do popcorn in the microwave than on the sidewalk.

Happytrails said...

I really like those wheel covers...very nice!
I understand your "hitch itch." It has been too hot to do anything but sit inside by the a/c. Maybe this heat will pass soon and we can all get outside and play again.
Thanks for the heads-up on the computer viruses that seem to be roving around.

Sue and Doug said...

nice shiny wheel covers!..hopefully the weather will cool off for you so you and Angela can get out and go camping!!

Phyllis said...

Thanks for the FB warning. For sure we don't need another virus.

Kevin Read said...

The Tioga is looking good! Love the little cartoon, too cute.

Kevin and Ruth