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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Moms Day


The weeks are flying by seems like it was just Wednesday and now its time to post for Sunday.

Besides work getting in my way I spent part of the day Friday using the Solution on the 5th wheel, boy I sure love that stuff.


Got half of it done Friday and the other half Saturday. You don’t realize how big the trailer is till you start cleaning it.

The Solution sure took off all the dirt from winter and it looks like new now.

Saturday while I was cleaning the rig Angela had a garage sale. I’m not much on getting stuff ready for a garage sale (just ask her) anyway she did real good and by noon all most everything she put out was gone.

We don’t have a hole lot left to sell or get rid of. Had a few lookers at the house but still no bites.

Today is Mother’s Day and we want to say Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.      



Karen and Al said...

We really like The Solution also. I was apprehensive on putting it on our clear coat paint, but so far, so good.

John Hedges said...

Kenny, I'll be in Missouri in a couple of weeks, could you tell me where to get in line for that Solution cleaning service.

Unknown said...

I'll tell John about that Solution cleaning stuff. Happy Mom's Day to Angela.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

The Solution is the only thing that Paul uses on the MH. I even have a bottle of in the MH. I clean all my counters, toilets, sinks with it. Wonderful.

I LOVE having garage sales. I had a ton when we had our home. I sold just about everything we weren't taking with us or storing at my garage sales.

Sounds like a very successful one...noon and can close...WONDERFUL.

Rick said...

I'm a big fan of The Solution as well.... which reminds me....I'd better get to work!

Happytrails said...

We never used The Solution but I think we should!! We have heard nothing but great reports. :-)

Happy Mother's Day to Angela!!

Dennis and Donna said...

We haven't touched the outside of the Hiker since we got back...If we ever get our yard work done, we can attack that project! Happy Mother's Day!

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

I do a minimum of one side per week on the coach and vehicles, that way they get done at least once per month & always have that brand new look. An 80 year old gentlemen taught me that, his 30 year old coach was showroom ready with no fading or oxidation. Whatever you use, I say do it often, too many think the rain will polish it by itself, LOL!


Bob and Jo said...

We need to get some "The Solution"

Like the tip one side a week

Sue and Doug said...

Happy Mother's Day to Angela!..glad to hear the garage sale was a success!!

Kevin Read said...

Kevin says the same thing when it comes to cleaning outside of the motorhome. It is a BIG job! He likes to split it up into several days of work too! Glad that the garage sale went well and that you are getting rid of all your "stuff".

Hope Angela had a great Mother's Day!

Kevin and Ruth