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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moving Day


This week has been another hot one here at the park. Friday we sat around all day waiting to move to another site up on the hill that is a little bigger.

The site that we are in is on the camp ground’s main road  and on the weekend it is busy with the weekend crowd pulling in and people walking to the pool.

We waited and waited then around 3pm the guy showed up to get his rig ready to roll and we were all ready hooked up and ready to roll. Finely  at 4:30 we had made the big move.

New site


View across the street


We haven't been in our spot 24 hours and  we have managed to piss the couple off next door .

The couple work here in the camp ground. The man came over Saturday morning and wanted me to move my trailer over farther in my lot so I was not blocking his satellite dish. Do What? For one thing after getting everything level and things put back in place he wants me to move over and make my lot smaller for his TV enjoyment? I don’t think I would have the guts to ask someone to do that.

And to top that off the couple on the other side pulled out Saturday morning also. I hope I didn’t offend them by walking around with my shirt off and my speedo…

We have managed to meet some nice folks the other night we went two sites down for a karaoke party.

Angela’s first time.




This is one of the rigs that pulled in last week..





Karen and Al said...

He wanted you to do what???

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Did you say...Hello to you too! What kind of neighbor would think of asking such a thing. I am sure he can move that portable satellite unit much easier than you moving your rig.
Angela....I think you have found your new career! I will look for you in concert.

Bob said...

Not sure if that's funny or sad! Did he offer any cash? I think that would have been my first question for the guy. The nerve.

Carol K said...

It takes all kinds, even at campgrounds. :(

Rick said...

That's a clown question, bro!!

Merikay said...

As a newish RVer I'm all ears on what the proper etiquette is. If he had talked to you as you were pulling in would you have allowed for his satellite reception?

Dennis and Donna said...

Holy Fuel Mileage, Batman....What a great and fun ride!..I'm quite sure I have offended many a camper with my "ensembles"...and my frog slippers. No worries....

Bob and Jo said...

TV is important to us but that is amazing.

JO said...

It takes all kinds I guess.

That truck is bad to the bone.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I am afraid that if I had that request, my laughing hysterically would have annoyed him even more. The expression "get a life" comes to mind:)

Sue and Doug said...

some neighbors?..geesh!!!