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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week One Down At Amazon

We worked Sunday thru Wednesday 6:30 am till 11:30 5 hour days. This week we start 10 hour days. I have a feeling I'm going to be real tired this week. I may not comment on a lot of blogs but will try to read a few.

Friday we took a drive to Independence, KS for lunch and some site seeing. About 13 miles south of town we found the Little House On The Prairie Site. Of the Laura Ingalls Wilder fame. You can get the real story here or you can just read mine .lol

Recreation of Laura Igalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie cabin.

US Post Office


The post master lived in the post office

The old school house.

The nurse's office at school. How would you like the teacher to be giving your child "Cocaine Toothache Drops"

This was a real working 1890's farm house..

Me taking a little rest on the front porch. If I had a white suit on it would look like Col. Sanders.

Angela taking a rest on a stump chair. And no it's not the old out house.
The Three Amigos..


Jim and Sandie said...

Really love those three amigos. Good luck with your ten hour days.

Rick said...

Interesting post and great photos of this historic site.

The photo of the 3 Amigos is priceless.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is a heavy work schedule :(

Dennis and Donna said...

How fun!! You two are nuts for working those hours...My ass would be draggin'...All 3 of yours are! ha ha ha

Unknown said...

We never did visit the Laura Ingals Wilder site when we worked Amazon but we didn't get there until Nov.1st and jumped right into 10 hour days. Good luck with the job, for me the worst was getting my feet use to being on the concrete floors for 10 hours a day. Once I got use to that it wasn't so bad. I think having those 5 hour days is a blessing. Our friends Kevin and Evelyn are headed your way.

RV Khronicles of Kevelyn said...

We visited the Little House site the first year we were here. There's not much else to do around here. Although, once we were working full weeks we weren't really interested in much site seeing :)

Ali Workentin said...

Glad to hear the first week went well. I think I have many of those same pictures of the Wilder's place. Working Sunday to Wednesday is a good shift...that way you can do things on Friday & Saturday (that seems to be when things happen). Have you tried Hog Heaven yet (the big pink pig?)

Good luck and look forward to seeing how you like the work. Also, please tell Debra and Mike hi from us.