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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day Trips

We bought a book called Stone Cabins from the naked book seller click link to see.
The book has a list of 19 day trips around the "Q" to see old stone cabins and ghost towns and mines. We have done the first one and found this old house up in the hills.  
Angela trying to ski down hill..

This is called Spanish Wall.

Kinda looks like a Dodge commercial .

Not a bad little fixer upper you think?

It's got a great view.

Angela likes the idea not having to clean the windows.

There is a active mine on this site also.

Only 18 more day trips to go. Thing's here in Q are picking up and the flea markets are popping up everyday and the desert rats(RV'ers) are moving in. 


Sue and Doug said...

that place looks like a great fixer upper!! I, too like the idea of not having to clean the windows!
Merry Christmas to you both!!

Jim and Sandie said...

By the time you're done, you're really going to know the area. A fun way to spend the time.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Interesting places out there. We'll have to try some out when we get to Quartzite. Like your Sioux Falls t-shirt....we've got a couple of similar ones...

Rick said...

I'd say you have a little work ahead of you with that fixer-upper.

Glad to see you getting out into the desert and doing some exploring.

Bob and Jo said...

You can always find interesting places no matter where you are.