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Saturday, July 24, 2010


This week has been so hot here I think were melting  with heat index around 110. The weather person says we have a cold front coming in for Sunday temps to be in the mid 80’s I guess you can call that a cold front.

This has been a slow week around here nothing but going to work and staying inside as much as possible.

I did manage to get the lawn cut Friday morning before it heated up. Then we did some more dreaded painting on a bedroom. At this rate I think it will take me about a year to get the house painted.

Tomorrow Sunday is back to work.

Have a good week..



Dennis and Donna said...

It's been a Sahara Desert here too. Forget the paint...It will take 3 months to dry. We don't have A/C, so we set the fan right outside the open bathroom door to blow on us right out of the shower..Do we care if the neighbors can see in?? If they are looking, they DESERVE the frightening view...We're melting with you guys!!

Happytrails said...

Hot, hot, hot here too!! Our heat index was 110 today also. It is so hot outside when you do venture out it takes your breath away.
You all take care and stay inside and cool. Here's hoping the cool front does come through. Please send it this way too. :)

Mike & Gerri

Margie M. said...

I've been looking at the weather pages and saw that the K.C. area was! Hope it cools off for you soon! Paint the house???? Yuck. :)

Unknown said...

I bet the three hounds are hating the heat on their little paws when they are outside. Drink lots of water and enjoy the shade and a/c.

Sue and Doug said...

sorry to hear it is so HOT!! day the snow will come!!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

That true Sue and Doug we are either to hot or to cold. I guess we should like one or the other:)

khardamon61 said...

It has been extremely hot in NW Arkansas as well with no end in sight. I run errands early in the morning and sta in the a/c the rest of the day. The heat saps your energy so I am ready for the cold weather.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We got home to Dardenne Prairie tonight and the temps were in the 90's still, In. was hot, but Ohio was cooler in the 80's during the day with at least one short rain shower to cool things off each day, great for vacation weather. Beafe out there. Sam & Donna.

Karen and Al said...

We feel your pain, but at least you have cool weather coming to look forward to. Unfortunately here in south Georgia, it's not going to cool off anytime soon. Try the Behr paint. We used some on our porch floor and it covered so well and was so smooth and easy to put on...loved it. That was floor paint, but I think I'll try their interior paint as well. You need to make your job as easy as possible! Hang in there.