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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sitting here at work staring out the window looking at it rain.

I’m thinking of things I need to get done on the house before we sell it.

We still have a few years to go on the four year plan.But like they say plans are written in jell-o so it could happen sooner.

We have been in the house twenty five years so a lot needs to be done to up date it.

I’m going to start installing replacement windows that I have order as soon as they come in.

We had a hail storm about two weeks ago and I called the insurance co. to check my roof,so I hope we can get a new roof.

I think right now the plan will be when time nears we will find the fifth wheel and truck we like. Right now its the Montana 3750FL.

After the purchase we will clean out the house and move into the rv and live in the drive way while we paint and fix up the inside of the house and put it on the market.

I have the next three days off,I was planning on doing some outside work,like trim bushes and plant a small garden.

But as my luck would have it looks like rain.



Dennis and Donna said...

Keep up the could happen sooner..Thanx for your comment about our town..It is a neat place to live, but our "old bones" send us South now for the winter. Check Saturday's blog, I am posting some pretty neat older homes we have here in Sandwich....and "keep the dream alive"!!!

Margie M. said...

Planning so far ahead is a great idea. It will help to get the things done on your house over time, so that you can budget out the money and it won't be such a big amount all at once. It's hard to wait (we know that from experience) but it seems like you have a number of things to keep you busy! Plus, the blogging helps! :)

Teresa said...

rain rain go away!! Guess I have to check your blog to hear from you! (Which I enjoy by the way! Ummm, the blog, not never hearing from you!!)