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Saturday, August 28, 2010



First I want to thank my new and all followers for reading this blog as we get ready to start the full time life style.


It’s been another slow week here in KC as you can see by the pictures of the dogs.It’s been so hot even they don’t want to do anything.







They have a tough life around here, I know you feel sorry for them.


We have been learning (self taught) how to make silverware jewelry. Not as easy as it looks and when we get better I will post pictures.

We did get our picture taken at church about a month ago for the church directory. It’s amazing how good Angela makes me look.    

Kenny & Angela

Saturday was spent working on the house.



Installed a ceiling fan in a bedroom.


Installed a new door in the same room.

Now that's the kind of fun we have,that’s how we roll here in KC…

Guess who gets to paint the door? That would be Angela, I have to work tomorrow and she paints better then I do.



Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We have a new appreciation for dog pictures, since have been caring for our daughters dog.

Hope it cools off, so they can get some outside time.

pidge said...

Great picture. Can't wait to see the jewelry. Might even buy some...

Carol K said...

What a nice looking couple you are. It's fun to see pictures of the bloggers we read. I've been meaning to say thank you for the comments you leave on my blog. I like comments!

Happytrails said...

I agree with Carol K...that is a great picture!

Yep, your dogs seem to be into the same "sport" our dogs are into. When Mike takes our golden out for his walk/potty break he always unhooks his leash as he gets to the motorhome and Cody then runs right to the door to come back inside where it is cool. Poor fellow...all that fur!

Take care and hope you have a great weekend!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick and Paulette said...

Good job on getting a few chores done and nice pics!

Judy and Emma said...

I agree, it's nice to see a picture big enough so you get a feeling of who the authors of a blog are. Isn't it crazy how nice we make things just before we sell our house? :)

Margie M. said...

Your dogs are so precious. Dogs really are the best aren't they? Just love them.

Your photo is fabulous. You guys are a great looking couple. Thanks for posting it.

Hope it cools down for you all there in KC.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I always get a kick out how comfortable the dog's make themselves, Rigg's is no slouch he will curl up anytime anyplace for a good nap. That is a nice picture,When Donna & I get a picture taken I always tell people it's beuaty and the beast, just like she is the brains of the outfit and I'm the brawn. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

Wayne and Roberta said...

Mad Max looks like he was having a good nap. I always feel bad for them when it's hot. What a nice picture of the two of you.

Dennis and Donna said...

I know just how your dog feels....It got hot here again today...I love the photo! You both look terrific! Yes, these are the boring days leading up to fall...I cannot WAIT for the first frost...kiss of death to the mosquitos who are holding our garden for ransom.

Merikay said...

Work on the house is just about all the fun we will be having for the next YEAR! Well we did go out to lunch yesterday after returning the log splitter and before picking up some pallets for winter kindling!

I just about ready for a trip somewhere other than the hardware store!

MargieAnne said...

Hi and thank-you for following me @ nothing is too hard.

I have to keep reminding myself that if our plan is in God's will for us it will happen. Road Blocks are there for a purpose.

You are making great progress and I do hope we meet in the flesh one day too. I am so looking forward to meeting people whose Blogs I read. What an awesome time we are going to have sightseeing USA and meeting a wider range of people as opposed to the usual Motel staff and shop counter assistants of the casual traveller.

Blessings and may all your preparations go smoothly.

Levonne said...

Hi Kenny,
I love the pictures of the dogs on their backs sleeping. That always looks so absolutely comfortable and relaxed. Thank you and Angela for coming by my blog - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings - and leaving your comments. I appreciate it. Take care.

Sue and Doug said...

what a great picture of you and Angela!!..and the dogs too!..such a dog's life !!!

Clockwise from left, Helen, Paul, Jodie, and Coco said...

What nice pictures. The pics of the dog shows what kind of people you are. A happy, happy dog is a dead givaway.


Anonymous said...

That's the position that our Daisy takes on our couch (which looks alot like ours) And -- OMG! Your Lady looks exactly like our dog Daisy! We have never been able to figure out what she is. Do you have any idea what breeds are in your Lady? I'd send you a picture if I knew where to send it --- We are planning on fulltiming it in a few years too. If the market improves and we sell our house. Karen and Ron, Bethel, OH

Karen said...

OMG! Your Lady looks exactly like our Daisy! We have never been able to narrow down what breed"s" she is. Do you know what Lady is? I'll try to attach a picture. Daisy also lays on our couch like Mad Max does. She's our lazy dog. Abby, a lab/aussie mix is not. She's shoving a ball at me right now. Good luck with your fulltiming plans. We also have them.

Karen said...

I'll try that picture again.