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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Doc

Wow what a week it’s been,stayed home from work Monday as I was down in my back and just rested.

I had a appointment already Tuesday for my annual physical. I have been taking cholesterol  meds for about two years,so after taking the stress test on the tread mill and about dying on it the doctor didn't like the way it looked. I had told him I had been having a “LITTLE “chest pain and a  “LITTLE “ short of breath when I would exert my self like doing a few flights of stairs. He said he want’s me to go see a   Cardiologists. This coming Tuesday I have a appointment for a all day test, I guess I go in the morning for couple hours and then take a break and come back in the afternoon for some more. Did I mention I was at the doctor’s office from 10 am till 1:30 pm and have had nothing to eat since the night before? This doctor’s office  is like a small hospital and very busy.

When I was doing the tread mill test the doctor notice a small spot on my arm and said he wanted a biopsy of it. So I had to make another appointment  for Wednesday the next day at 2 pm I was taken to my little room to wait for the doctor. After looking at all the magazine’s and sitting in this little room for about a hour I took some pictures with my phone. After a 10 min tops cut and burn I was out at 4 pm . 2 till 4 and I pay him?  

This is the small spot, I’ve had pimples bigger then this. But it is Christmas time and he does have kids to buy gifts for so I guess (I ) my insurance co. get to help pay for it. Merry Christmas doc.


All the tools to do this looks like they were going to take my arm off.



This machine is the one that gave me


The cigarette burn look.


He sent it off to have someone else look at it (More Christmas Money) and will let me know what it is .

Doctors office called with all the info on my blood test. Did I mention it took three people to get blood out of my arm? anyway she said everything look ok “BUT” the doctor wants me to take one more prescription every day for  high Triglycerides and three more fish oil pills a day. Think I will get a carp or two and just suck on them for the oil..

We will see what Tuesday brings.

Saturday Angela and I got the Christmas shopping  done and we (she) is finishing up on the detail’s.

We hope everyone has a good and safe week and a MERRY CHRISTMAS.



Judy and Emma said...

Is sucking a carp better than kissing a frog?? :)

Carol K said...

Sorry to hear about your medical problems. It does seem like they try to drum up business sometimes! Hope your cardiac issues turn out okay.

Dennis and Donna said...

Hoping to make you feel better by saying I have had 3 different mole biopsies, 2 moles removed...all benign...Also, Den has a cardiologist, too...They don't bite too hard...But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ignore chest pains...Take the meds, suck on a Tarpon, or ANYTHING that sounds better than CARP! ...and above all KEEP THE FAITH!

MargieAnne said...

That all sounds like a total pain but better done than sorry later.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.


take care of yourself, Kenny!..nice job on the burn??..ewww

Dennis and Donna said...

Hoping all will turn out great...Dennis has a cardiologist..They don't bite too hard...Also, I have had 3 moles biopsied, 2 removed...All benign...But it's good to get stuff like that off the 'ol bod!! Keep The Faith!!!

Ali said...

Kenny sure hope all your tests come back good and there are no further tests are medicines that you need to take. Merry Christmas said...

Hope everything goes well for you next week and that there aren't any serious issues to deal with.

Kevin and Ruth

Merikay said...

Better to have the spot removed and looked at. Hope it is benign. I'd rather have a biopsy that turns out negative than otherwise.

I've had four breast biopsies over the years. Three were negative. It was the third one that could have gone bad, but after surgery and radiation the cancer was gone.

Last summer "something" didn't look right on my mammogram again. I again had to go thru the biopsy procedure and I was happy to get negative results.

The "divot" from that one is the largest!

You may grumble about supporting the doctors thru the test costs, but having one that catches something bad is worth them all.

We need you around to keep posting the Wednesday funnies!

Rick and Paulette said...

That's a pretty tough week of tests and stuff you've had there. Those Doc's like to carve us up like we're just meat! Hope everything turns out just fine! Let us know!

pidge said...

Hope all is well with your heart. I have been having issues also, but hope to wait till my Medicare starts to see what is going on. We will keep you in our prayers. Hope you an Angela have a very Merry Christmas.

Phyllis said...

Our doctor put Leonard through a lot of the same things right before we took off to fulltime. No problems! Expect the same results from you.

Well, actually it did cause problems. Once his medical insurance ran out from his job, we applied for a high deductible HSA. He is being denied insurance because of all the tests he took. They believe there must have been issues mandating all those tests. We are still fighting this one. It sure did not help when they contacted his doctor and someone from her office wrote a letter listing everything he ever saw them for but did not give any follow up that would have shown all tests came back negative. IDIOT!

Here is hoping all your tests are negative too.

Dixxe said...

WOW your arm looks horrid after the "dr" had a got geeze---I know that hurts!