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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny and 75 in Missouri

I knew that would get your attention,really it’s only 68 here in the house. 

The week started out with snow and cold the only good thing was we got Monday and Tuesday off because of the weather,it’s nice working for a church. It’s really great they would have a misfit like me working there. We also get this Monday off for Martin Luther King, birthday it’s kind of like working at a bank with all the holiday’s we get off.

Anyway Tuesday it was so cold.   How cold was  it?  it was so cold I had to bring the brass monkey in. Ok I know that was lame, but hey that was the best I can come up with..


Looks like I didn’t bring him in soon enough..

Today I thought about going to the hot tub and pool for a quick dip just like Rick  Rick & Paulette's  RV Travels . I put my Speedo swim suit on and stepped outside and BURR it was cold. I changed my mine real quick, I must have gotten wrapped upped  reading  Ricks blog. Yes that is a hot tub on the right top deck and that is a pool lower left deck under all the snow.


We hope everyone has a good and safe week and for the ones of us that are in the deep freezer stay warm and for the ones that are in the warm weather keep writing and sending us pictures so that we can dream and live thru you.   



Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Same on the other end of MO. It got into the forties yesterday but is back in the 20's for a couple days now, I think if we have the kids next weekend I will take them to the Mississippi River to see the Bald Eagles that winter there and nest and fish below the Alton Dam. Not much going on. The fur babies are fine. Be safe out there . Sam & Donna.

Rick and Paulette said...

Wow! Do I ever feel lucky to be sitting here in the desert sunshine. Your place looks pretty darned cold with the snow covering your pool and hot tub - horrors, what a thought. Thanks for the shoutout! Hope your temps start to get at least a little warmer there, but, I guess it is winter!

Gail Durham said...

It's cold here in Maryland also. Spring and summer is on the way!

Sue and Doug said...

spring and summer will be here soon!!!..then you can bring out the 'speedo' again!

pidge said...

We finally made it up into the 50's here yesterday. Warmest day we have had for a week. I am really ready for some sunshine.

Dennis and Donna said...

Boy did you ever sucker me in on that one!!...Hey, can you put some pictures on your blog of you in your speedo...I just GOTTA see this!!!

Merikay said...

We are having a little warm spell here in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco. It was almost 70 today, and NO RAIN! It is expected to be warm and sunny all week. Love it. but we need more rain.

GYMONR said...

Reading about your brass monkey made me think about a post I did awhile back, thought you mightenjoy...
Hope your day goes well, nice post.
Big Al