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Sunday, April 7, 2013

We Play Food Critic



The spring on the screen door handle quit springing so Saturday we headed down south of us in Platte City to  Kansas City,KS to a RV supply business  to get the parts.

Every time we go there we pass a BBQ place that always had a line waiting outside. We all ways say to each other we need to stop sometime and check it out. And Saturday was that day. We thought we would play food critic.




This is the back of the pit as you walk up. 


And this would be the front of the pit and some of the dinning area.


This is where you enter to order your food.



And this is our order. Looks good right?


Well not so fast there. As you may know we are in the capital of the best BBQ in the country. The place has pictures of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that had been there as we stood in line and we thought boy o boy this is going to be good stuff. WRONG!!!!  the beans tasted like can pork-n-beans with ketchup.. The potato's had no taste the cup they came in tasted better. And now for the ribs no taste and tuff. The jalapenos were the best thing. Guy Fieri must have left his taste buds at home that day. That meal with two beers $28.95.   


And yes the spring on the handle is spring again and spring has sprung outside. Life is goodSmile 


Judy and Emma said...

I have often wondered how good the food is at some of those 3 D places. I'll be sure note to stop there. :)

Janice L Evans said...

I remembered my friends writing about this place in their blog. . .so I went and read their post again.

Their comment on the ribs was similar. . .a little chewier than we would have liked. . .ha ha!

Interesting looking place though!

ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

Jim and Sandie said...

That is so disappointing. Everything looks so good and then you might as well be eating cardboard. But spring is good for both the weather and the rig.

Phyllis said...

Years ago I saw a review about a place in the Arizona desert on Indian Fry Bread. We went out of our way to try it. What a waste of fuel.

So, how was the beer?

Rick Doyle said...

Well, now you know for sure to drive right past that BBQ place from now on.

I'm getting to be a fan of the "customer test". If the restaurant isn't busy with a lot of customers, I tend to figure they must know something so I avoid the place.

I was suspicious as soon as I looked at your photos with the empty tables.

By the way, how was the "cup the potatoes came in"? Normally, I don't eat the cups!

Donna K said...

Well that's too bad...maybe just sitting outside enjoying the smells coming from the BBQ pits would have been enough LOL!!

Alice Workentin said...

Sorry the food was lousy - did you complain? I know I would have especially about the ribs being tough.

Hope you have a great week.

Tammy Fletcher said...

Whew that was one expensive meal. They probably made better food for him. I hate it when this happens, you think of all the places you could have eaten for a great meal. Well at least you know for the future.

Nan Talley said...

A $28.00 bill and no good food. What a stinking deal.

VB said...

"Best BBQ in the country"? Humm... I didn't realize KC was in Texas! The next time you are down south I'd encourage you to try any of the BBQ joints listed here - However, the best BBQ in the world can only be found by making the pilgrimage to two small towns deep in the heart of Texas - Lockhart and Luling.

Bob and Jo said...

Thanks for the review, too many great BBQ places in KC to go to this place.

Jessica said...

Hey there! My paramour and I have just purchased our very first RV - a 1973 Dodge Coachman REO Pace Arrow (we're still trying to decipher what exactly she is) and I'm going to be blogging about the renovation progress and then our various travels on I just wanted to stop by, introduce myself, and invite everyone to visit my blog occasionally, check out what's going on, and offer any tips and advice you can! I love y'alls blog and look forward to reading more!