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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Must Have Hit A Nerve

Apparently I hit a not so funny spot with some that take life to seriously. I don’t have a politely correct bone in my body and probably never will.

So if I offended any reader’s of yesterday’s blog I’m sorry. And a as warning please don’t read any political cartoon’s or watch any late night TV like Saturday Night Live ect.

This is why it’s great to be a American, you can agree to disagree with anyone and anything and everyone can have there own opinion on what they think is humor and what is politely incorrect.

If everybody blogging always agreed with everything that was posted how boring would it be.

For me when I read this I envisioned in my mine a skit from Saturday Night Live.

So lets all take a deep breath and please don’t take away my blogging license….


Sue and Doug said...

no offense taken here..but we are from Canada and we all know how great our political front is..have a great day my bloggin' buddy!!..

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Me neither, I enjoy a good sense of humor, If you want a great source of material what better place to start than Washington DC, now there's a joke looking for a place to be told.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Bob said...

Ah yes. See, this is one of those underlying "issues" that rears it's ugly head ever so often. Ever since you guys turfed out the Brits, way back there in that revolution, you haven't had your very own "Royals" to fawn over. (for those who do that "fawning" thing) So naturally if any one happens to make a joke about the Pres and the "First" Lady...well, we just can't have that now can we? I mean, they're right up there next to God on high, aren't they?

I thought it was rather funny, and could quite likely be used for just about any administration you could think of for the last 50 years. Just need to change the names.
Of course, it would never be in good taste, but who said a joke had to be tasteful?

C'mon. Give me a break.

They're POLITICIANS! Get over it.
We have entire television shows dedicated to making fun of our politicians....federally funded I might add! How crazy is that??
Once again. Just like to repeat it. LIGHTEN UP!


Pardon me for getting a little "wordy"...

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good thing we do not need a license for blogging, just think of the problems that would cause.

Political correctness is way out of control. If some this this joke is bad, they should check political cartoons from say--the mid 1800's. Talk about unkind-those were way over the top.

Rick and Paulette said...

Welcome to the Beat Pit - it's not so bad after you spend a few days there like I've done on occasion.

Whether the joke is tasteless or just fine, the real moral of the story to me is just how dangerous any mention of politics can be in our blogs - same goes with religion.

Keep on bloggin', your licence is just fine with me.

Dennis and Donna said...

Sure hope you'll have fun in your new camper this weekend.....As for a blogger's license..Mine should probably been pulled 6 months ago...

Merikay said...

I have learned to stay away from politics and religion.

Oh, and other peoples kids!

Ali said...

Had to go back and read your post from yesterday. It was funny and as I have heard from many here "if some people get their panties in a knot that's their problem."

If you don't want to read then don't's just like complaining about what is on TV - if you don't like what you are watching on TV then turn it off, just don't complain.

Hope you have a good weekend.