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Sunday, November 27, 2011

TG and Question on Full timing


WE had Thanksgiving dinner at home with our kids and grandkids. After we stuffed our self’s and it was so nice outside we sat out front to enjoy the weather while it is still here,it won’t belong and it will be real cold here.


Riley dressed up in his uncle Blake’s dirt bike gear.


Son Blake and Angela



Daughter Jessica and SIL Steve and granddaughter  Savannah .


After the feast and a day off it was back to painting and planning for our future .

I have been doing a lot of reading on different web sites about the fulltime life and I know I tend to over think a lot of things and it is  starting to wearing my brain out,not that it wasn't  already worn a little. I know these question everyone has seen or thought about and no one answer is for everybody, if you have a comment please leave it.

1. Domicile Texas or South Dakota?

2. Health Ins?  

3. Should we buy a extended warranty on the truck and trailer? 

4. Cell phone ATT,Sprint or Verizon?

5. Inter Net?

6. Truck and Trailer insurance? Do they offer a full replacement   type  of insurance

7. Do most of you have a exit plan?

These are just some of the many question I have.





heyduke50 said...

1. Domicile Texas or South Dakota?
we started out Texas so jsut stayed Texans... SDak is an excellent option

2. Health Ins? we got to keep mine at a discount as a retiree - Blue Cross Blue Shield

3. Should we buy a extended warranty on the truck and trailer?
We inherited one when we purchased our used rig - it expires in December and we will not renew it - just put the money you would spend aside and use it for repairs

4. Cell phone ATT,Sprint or Verizon? We had AT&T for 15 years and changed to Verizon for fulltiming- absolutely no regrets here...

5. Inter Net?
We tether using our Verizon phones wifi

6. Truck and Trailer insurance? Do they offer a full replacement type of insurance

I don't recall any that did when we looked - we are with Overland Insurance

7. Do most of you have a exit plan?
No real plan but we figure we will have plenty of time to figure it all out when the time comes

Shoeless Joe said...

1. Domicile Texas or South Dakota?
A> I chose SD, I retired from Hannibal and I could make SD in a weekend to get set up. Teri @ my Dakota

2. Health Ins?
A> Included in my retirement so it wasn't an issue.

3. Should we buy a extended warranty on the truck and trailer?
A> Everything I've read about extended warranty is that you're better off to put the money in your pocket.

4. Cell phone ATT,Sprint or Verizon?
A> I use Skype and email, therefore I have very little need for a cell phone. I pay as I go with TrakFone.

5. Inter Net?
A> Verizon air card. Seems to have the best nationwide coverage.

6. Truck and Trailer insurance? Do they offer a full replacement type of insurance
A> Usually only for the first five years of a vehicles life, but you do need to look at a full timers policy.

7. Do most of you have a exit plan?
A> No, I take life as it comes my way. I wouldn't have an exit plan in a sticks and bricks, so why have one in an RV?

Judy and Emma said...

I can only tell you what I do.
Residence = SD
Extended Warranty = yes
Cell = Sprint
Internet = Sprint Air Card
Insurance = GMC with full replacement
Exit Plan = not really, thought about it a lot, but no firm plans.

Many people will disagree, especially about the extended warranty. It has more than paid for itself in my case. :)

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

1 and 2. Domicile--TX. We will be down south more than in the north. SD you have to appear to get your diver's license; TX through the mail. Also, our Ohio Ins. is accepted in TX but not SD. This was a huge deciding factor.

3. That is a toss up. We didn't but really keep struggling about that one.

4 and 5. Verizon--for cell phone and Internet. Fast, never had a problem, get it just about anywhere in US.

6. Allie Ins. We are looking at the Escapee Ins. as I write this.

7. Absolutely. We both have practiced taking out the emergency window in the bedroom and front of the MH. We have a carry bag in the front of the MH with all of our valuable papers, passport, etc. We already had to grab and run one time when we were in three tornadoes in OK this past spring.

Hope this helps a bit. You may get more confused with everyone's input. You have to do what is BEST for you two, but I think you are doing the right thing by asking for input. We did the same thing as you are doing. Good luck.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Residence: SD, mainly because TX requires yearly vehicle inspection & we have a MH...didn't want that hassle.
Health Ins: We are blessed that husb is retired mil.
Extended Warranty -- Yes, part of purchase deal
Cell: Verizon
Internet: Verizon air card
Insurance: Progressive -- agreed value
Exit Plan: Not really, altho we know when the time comes, we will settle near dgt in NC

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

All good questions, so right that the answer will be different for everyone. For us in our sixth year of FT:

1. FL
2. Have ins that allows us to see doctors anywhere we go.
3. We chose not to have extended warranties.
4.Verizon-and happy with service
5. Verizon Air card and it works fine most of the time.
6. We have replacement insurance on the motorhome with full time coverage from Progressive.
7. We never intended to do this forever and in fact are currently thinking about returning to a fixed home with travel as we feel like it. We still enjoy it, but want to be around grand kids more than our current lifestyle permits.

Phyllis said...

When we first started we domiciled in TX because Len is from Louisiana and has lots of family in TX. We were TX residents just 6 weeks! Truck insurance increased $200 a year from NJ. Fiver insurance saw a $780 yr increase. OUCH! Plus cost of yearly registrations much higher. We went SD option FAST! Fiver insurance went from $1,315 a year to $555 (fulltimers policy with 5 year full replacement clause) Truck from over $1,200 to $475. It was a 2006 F250. We now have 2011 F350 King Ranch dually - $615 a year.

We have cell and wifi through Sprint. Very few times poor coverage. We bought a booster antennea that helps too.

I am old enough for Medicare. I have a Gerber Life supplement. On a side note - for same policy in both Tx and SD - it is $49.00 a month less in SD. Len will be 63 in Jan. NO INSURANCE! Yea, we are taking a gamble but to wait until he is on Medicare I would be 70! Do not want to wait and work that long! He does have a policy that pays for cancer treatment only.

No exit plan. We just keep socking funds away as much as we can. We have no debt. I will even offer that we have about $420,000 in investments. Only recurring bills are for my insurance supplement, cell, internet, small cancer policy and a life insurance policy.

We have had lots of what we hope are abnormal expenses in last year and a half Death of both our mothers and costs associated with that. SIX tires for the fifthwheel. Two accidents with $500 deductible each time. Purchase of satellite system, new wall hugging recliners, fifthwheel alignment (hopefully tire problem solved). Lots more I can't (or don't) want to think about right now.

Hope this helps. Lots to consider. I appreciated hearing others experiences before we took to the road. That way I was somewhat prepared. It is not always easy - but well worth the travel.

Paul and Mary said...

Kenny and Angela -

We had so hoped to meet up with you during our Kansas City stay, but as you will come to learn, stops in your old hometown can really keep you running.

We look forward to connecting with you down the road.

Meanwhile, here are our quick answers to your questions. To echo what others have said, this is not to say it's right or wrong. It's just what we're doing.

1. Domicile Texas or South Dakota?
We chose Texas, because we wanted to "claim" a state we'd actually spend some time in every year. Plus, I like the license plates better! :-)

2. Health Ins?
Medicare is years away for us. We selected a high deductible HSA compatible PPO plan with BCBS. (Gotta love those acronyms!)

3. Should we buy a extended warranty on the truck and trailer?
Can't say. The only thing we've ever bought on an extended warranty on is our MH. It paid for itself last month when we had the cooling unit replaced on the Norcold.

4. Cell phone ATT,Sprint or Verizon?
ATT. But, most of the time we wish we had Verizon.

5. Inter Net?
ATT Air Card and park wifi when we can get it.

6. Truck and Trailer insurance? Do they offer a full replacement type of insurance
Yep and yep.

7. Do most of you have a exit plan?
Absolutely. We know how to leave the MH in case of emergency (I loved that!) AND we plan to have a house again someday and be extended travelers as long as we're able. We don't know when or where that will happen, but the finances are in place. So, when we find our next dream house, we'll be ready.

Hope to see you next time we pass through Kansas City...if you're still here. Safe travels!!!

George said...

1.We kept Colorado as it benefited us the most.Consider Phyllis's answer on this and their experience.

2.Retiree health care for me.Medicare for Linda.

3.No.start a savings account.

4.AT&T and T-Mobile.Always had service.

5.Verizon Air card and Cradlepoint Router.

6.Fulltimers policy.

7.Yes.We were debt free and had investments like Phyllis mentioned.I say do what makes you comfortable.