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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me


Thursday was you guessed it my birthday and another good guess I turned the big 60.

When I got to work I found these on my desk. As people started arriving to work I started to notice everyone was wearing black,since we work for a church I asked if we were having a funeral and several just laughed and said kind of of,I then realized it was me they were mourning for.    



Then my coworkers handed me this shirt and said I had to wear it all day. When I saw the picture I knew Angela had something to do with it. And yes that is me in 1977.    Ok stop laughing now!!




I see your still laughing I bet there are pictures in your closet you hope no one see’s.




We all had pizza and cake for lunch. The cake had a picture of Annie our lab when she was a puppy and of course she was wearing black also.



We have a school at the church and these are some of the teachers (My Groupies) advertising that Kenny was 60.


I did get a few gifts from Angela for the 5th wheel.


Coleman Road Trip Grill





Surge Protector with Voltage Protection

Portable Unit for 50amp RV's





Friday night Angela invited some good friends over for a little party in the 5th wheel.

001 005


Even my son stopped by after he got off work to get a picture with the old man.

I had a great birthday and thanks to everyone that shared it with me.


Even Max had to get in on the party fun..




Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Happy Birthday Kenny, you only have 4 years to catch up to me. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh what a wonderful group of coworkers/friends you have. I love the shirt. What a clever idea! Angela has great tastes in gifts! Seems she knows you pretty well...LOL Since Max dressed up for the party...did he get any cake? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ken! Glad you had a delightful day! ~wheresweaver

Susan and Bob said...

Happy Birthday !! I love your t-shirt. What a hoot. I hope you enjoyed your special day

Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

Judy and Emma said...

Egad! You sure had a lot of hair back in the day. Happy B Day.

Shoeless Joe said...

Congratulations Kenny, another milestone reached.

Rick Doyle said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 60's!

You sure got some nice RV gifts for your birthday!

Phil and Rudee said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fun day!

George said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kenny.Welcome to the "Sixties"

Dennis and Donna said...

Happy 60th , Kenny...did you know that 60 is the new "40"..McGyver is LOTS older than you...He will turn the new "50" April THAT is OLD!! (just kidding all you seventy-somethings!)..Looks like a great party.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Happy Birthday -- what a great day you had! When I turned 60, I retired...just didn't want to do the job any longer & have no regrets. But, I didn't work for a church -- maybe I would've felt different if I had.

The Bright's said...

Happy Birthday Kenny! 60 seems young now a days! It looks like you have a great place to work. AND... you got awesome gifts!

Sue and Doug said...

happy birthday Kenny!..looks like you had a great day!!

Carol K said...

What a celebration you had, Kenny. Happy 60th! Don't your pals at the church know that 60 is the new 50? I can say that because I turn 60 this year, too. ;)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Happy Birthday! Nice shirt! I could handle 60 again:)

JOJO said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY, All us good folks were born in February. Mine is the 17th Of course I passed you up a few years ago. :)

Happytrails said...

Happy Birthday Kenny!! Hope you had a really fantastic 60th!!

Bob said...

Happy Birthday! Nice gathering and nice gifts.
(never easy getting stuff for an old guy)
I seem to recall having as much or more facial hair in 1977. Funny how that is? Sure wish I could have kept some of it for the top of my head. *sigh*

George said...

Kenny, I see you moved the Lazy Boys back.We tried it the other way also and it didn't work out for us.Being able to turn the TV helps watching from there without neck strain.Made me a little homesick but glad you are enjoying it so much.