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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Driveway RV Park


We have had another good week here at the Driveway RV Park.

We did have several house showings but no takers yet. Sure hope P.T. Barnum was right “There's a sucker born every minute” just wish they would show up

I did learn something new this week.


I learned how to restring a day and night shade. And the other thing is I have more than one chin. (picture)

002    003

Not to hard to do after a few choice words and another set of Angela’s hands.

004  005Good as new.

I may have found a way to make some extra money on the road.

Saturday Angela and I did celebrate a little for Cinco de Mayo.

The fiesta fixings, what's more authentic than Taco Bell?


Even the waitress trying to look like the real deal…..


Even Max got in on the celebration with his Mexican Siesta. He never could hold his liquor.





Judy and Emma said...

I'd hire you to fix those blasted shades when they break! :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

HAHA...Paul always has a few choice words when he does that job. I won't repeat them, there may be children reading this...haha
Just keep showing that house. Someone will come along and fall in love with it.
Looking great, Angela!

Happytrails said...

Glad to hear the good reviews on the Driveway RV Park!! Hang in there....someone will come along and fall in love with your house and then you'll be looking for another campground to review!! :-)

Phyllis said...

We have one broken one. Where are you headed first?????

Rick Doyle said...

You've got me beat on repairing day night shades - I hate those things.

Carol K said...

Been there, done that with those day-night shades. Dave had to repair one of ours, and he used choice words and needed my hands to help hold them while he put them back up. Now we try to be VERY careful when we open and close them. Good job, Kenny!

Sue and Doug said...

good work on restringing those darn things!!..Angela is looking very festive!..hope the 'sucker' shows up soon!!

Merikay said...

We have the aluminum min blinds instead of the day night. I dread the day one breaks!

Jim and Sandie said...

As you can tell, restringing is one of the very very worst jobs in an RV. Makes even grown men cry. You have people looking at the house and that is wonderful. The right person will come along and that will be it. Hang in there.

kcgaz said...

Great job on the shades and hope that just the right buyer will stop by soon!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

I'm afraid I'll jinx us if I say we haven't yet had to restring a shade--shhhh, don't tell anyone!

Dennis and Donna said...

McGyver fixes them big surprise. Max and I would have to share the same doghouse if I got into the tequila..You know that song, "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"?..well...

JOJO said...

Great job Ken.
You sure went all out for Cinco. HAHA
Nice Rv Park how much will you charge. Of course it doesn't look like much room for other guests.
Enjoy it. Hope the house sells soon.

Kevin and Ruth said...

We don't have those day night shades so don't have to worry about restringing them but I am sure happy to see you with tequila con Squirt. Now that is authentic, Taco Bell not so much! Glad you had a great Cinco de Mayo and Max as well.

Don't forget to vote for us,

Kevin and Ruth