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Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Week At The RV Park


We just finished up our first week here at Basswood RV park.

 Wednesday July 4th it was so hot just like most of the country we thought we would try out the pool.

When we got there this is what we found no one there.. We soon found out why,the water was warm as bath water. 


The store here sells pizza and if you call it in they will deliver it to your site. If your ever around a place that sells Hunt Brothers Pizza give it a try. We think it is a really good pizza.


Angela and I don’t usually eat a whole pizza at one sitting but this was pretty good stuff.



We  or should I say (I )learned a big lesson. Friday night I dumped the tanks and when I pulled the handle on the black water and it started down the stinky slinky like slow motion all of sudden the fitting came loose on the ground end and out it came on the ground kind of like in the movie Robin Williams RV I jumped and put it back on the hole and if course I had no gloves on..yuck double YUCK!!! Lesson learned. (Note to self check fittings before opening) Guess you can say S@#t happens!!

Hope everyone had a good week and maybe things will cool down a little so we can get out and enjoy the good life.




Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I love bath water. Hot or not...that is the only kind I go in.

Funny that you mention pizza. Some of the best pizza we have had has been at a campground. That one looks delicious.

Oh Gross! I am sure you didn't laugh about it then but now it does sound rather funny :)

Phyllis said...

First YUK! But lesson learned.

When we were at a campground in Kansas I was talking to the new owners. They were going to provide Hunt Brothers pizza. I, too, had never tried it but she said it's quite good. Still haven't tried it but with your recommendation thinking we will.

Carol K said...

There's a reason why they put that episode in the RV movie! Once it happens to you, you learn your lesson fast!

Happytrails said...

OH YUK!! I am sure it was much funnier in the movie RV!!
That pizza sure looked good. I think pizza is one of our favorite foods!
You know its hot when even the pool water is warm!!

Dennis and Donna said...

We get Hunt Brothers when on the road..They are common at convenience stores...As for the "spill"...hose off the area and make sure no one was watching...and then wash and use hand sanitizer..We know this...been there done that..

Sue and Doug said...

'poop water' special that you got to share it with the great outdoors..darn fittings!

Donna K said...

We have not had the "pleasure" of a hose incident yet but it seems to happen to the best of us. Not much fun, I'm sure.

JOJO said...

I buy surgical gloves by the box.And hand sanitzer at the ready with the plastic bag. Never touch that stuff without them. But that's not to say I didn't have areally nasty happen. I hadn't used my MH in a while due to medical issues. Went out for a few days, when I went to dump I couldn't figure out why the hose wouldn't stay on. I thought I finally got it and pulled the lever. Junk started coming out and the house fell off. I forgot to unscrew the cap. At least it didn't shoot out into my face. I never forget to unscrew that first and then put the hose on. All lessons learned the hard way.

Bob and Jo said...

You are the second to tell us about Hunt Bros Pizza