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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life In The Hood


Our week here in the trailer hood has been a hot one. Boy we can’t wait for some cooler weather and I guess we are not alone in that.

The RV park is pretty quiet Monday thru Thursday and we get to use the pool without a lot of adults and kids,but come Friday the weekend crowd starts rolling in and then there goes the hood.

We have been eating well.

001   006

One of the campers that came in Friday had a small pickup load of sweet corn and gave us a bag full. He told us to take all we wanted,but with a small refrigerator we could only take about 8 ears.

It was so sweet I almost started eating it before it was cooked. Wish now we would have taken more.

002 004

Friday night the park had a concert at the amphitheater. We took the cooler and chairs and found the shade. They even had there own little groupie dancing to the band.

011  010

We have met a nice couple Jim and Jackie that have been workampers for a long time. Jim still works and Jackie takes care of the home on wheels. I have been picking their brains about the in’s and out’s of workamping  jobs.


All is well in the trailer hood and just waiting for the weekend crowd to leave.

Living The Good Life


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Love veggies on the grill. So delicious. You look like you are really enjoying that corn, Kenny.

Isn't it fun watching the little ones having a great time. They are so inhabited.

Judy and Emma said...

The state park I'm at was jam packed for the weekend. Now I get the pleasure of seeing everyone leave today. :)

Larry and Samantha Bandstra said...

We very rarely leave before Monday just to watch the Exodus.

How is the house selling going? Any more showings since you brought the trailer to a cg?

Dennis and Donna said...

That's how it is ....weekends are usually full of locals...then they have to go back to work...and you can just stay and enjoy!

Carol K said...

Yum, sweet corn--one of the best perks of summer!

We enjoy watching people leave the parks we stay in, only sometimes (too often) we're the ones leaving!

Bob and Jo said...

You ain't seen hot till we get to the KC area in mid September