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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Raise Your Hand


We have been busy working on getting things ready for our September depart. My last day of work here will be August 29.

Raise your hand if you dislike those day and night shades. I have restrung 3 0r 4 and hated it.

So I took them down and bought some Bamboo Levolor Shades. The old night and day were so dusty and a pain to put up and down.

I think these even make the room look bigger and brighter. What do you think?

IMG_1367    IMG_1368   

IMG_1369  IMG_1370

And they are a hole lot easier to put up and down.


Ruth said...

Yes they look really nice. I guess you had to take down the side and top valances too? We did that in our last motorhome and I liked them so much better than those stupid day/night shades.

Phyllis said...

We have one small one that needs repair. It's at a window that we seldom opened the shade anyway. So there it is, just hanging there for over a year. Leonard says he will fix it but hasn't done it yet. I think we keep forgetting about it.

Good idea to change the dumb things out. Just don't know what I want yet.

Final countdown on the job! Good for you both. If like us, you sure won't miss the grind.

Merikay said...

We have mini blinds. So far they have worked fine.

Jim and Sandie said...

We have two of those broken day/night shade things. So frustrating. I've thought about changing them out but such a hassle with the valances. Count down is on. Yippee!!

Rick Doyle said...

Both my hands are raised as I hate those blinds. Thankfully, our new rig has Venetian blinds.