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Monday, September 3, 2012

Never A Dull Moment


The week started out with some excitement here in the hood.

Monday night someone stole one of the work campers truck from the over flow lot by the office. I had my Dodge 3500 park down there also. When I found out Tuesday  about the truck being stolen  I went down and brought my truck up by the 5th wheel.

It didn’t stop there, Wednesday morning we found out that some one stole two jet ski’s on one trailer Tuesday night.

The police came and made out a report and one of the officers drove around the camp ground. He drove up a gravel road where they have tent and little cabin sites. He happened to run a cross a working meth lab so we think it was all related. The police did find the truck and jet ski about 35 miles from here still in tacked.

Just when you think your safe and living the good life bad things still go on.

I had 4 days off and spent Friday and Saturday sitting inside watching the left over storm and rain from the hurricane.

Late Saturday after noon the rain stop  and then a tree fell on the power lines and out went the lights. It took them about 2 hours to get it fixed.

Sunday we had a cook out with some of the neighbors. None of us went away hungry.


Check out this electric smoker they had.


Today is labor day so we are not going to do any laboring. Think we’ll take the hounds to the dog park and let them run.

Here is the view from the dinning table window. 


Living The Good Life One Day At A Time


Judy and Emma said...

Wow, that's a lot of crime in one campground. :(

Bob and Jo said...

Wow, Once your house sells and that happens you can just move.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I guess it just proves that there are idiots/crooks everywhere:(

Sunny said...

ummmm .... don't think I want to go there. Scary!

TexCyn said...

Wow, quite a surprise to have all that going on there! Now hopefully, things will calm down. That's quite the smoker!

TravelBug-Susan said...

Where are you?

At our campground in San Antonio, TX, someone stole the TV out of the laundry room.


Phyllis said...

I just don't get it. If someone wants something bad enough they should WORK for it or do without.